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Required Software

To activate your NURO device and load therapy sessions onto your NURO device from your PC, you will need to install software on your PC:

  1. Driver: allows the PC to communicate with the NURO device
  2. NURO PC application: allows you to load sessions onto the NURO device

The application you are trying to download requires Windows 7 or a higher version of Windows. Your machine does not meet this requirement.

This FTDI Windows driver will download as an .exe file to install on your PC. You must have this driver installed in order to use the NURO PC application.

This application will download as a file to install on your PC.

PC requirements

To install and use the NURO PC application, your PC must meet these requirements:

  1. Windows 7 or newer
  2. The FTDI Windows driver (2.12.06) installed to enable communication between the NURO device.
  3. Ability to run 200MB executable file to install the NURO PC application
  4. Active/enabled USB port to connect to NURO device for syncing
  5. Active internet connection
  6. Recommended Internet Explorer version 11 or higher; current versions of FireFox, Chrome or Safari

iOS is not supported at this time for activating NURO devices and loading therapy sessions (i.e., any activity that requires the NURO device to be connected to the computer).

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