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DBS Fellows Training and Transition

Resources for Your DBS Educational Goals

The Medtronic DBS Fellows program will provide you with a variety of educational resources throughout your fellowship and transition to a successful practice as a movement disorders specialist.

Educational Videos

Medtronic Neuromodulation for Healthcare Professionals is a YouTube channel with videos for clinician education, patient education, and practice development. Look for the playlists for DBS clinician and patient education videos. YouTube features facilitate mobile viewing and video sharing with patients or peers through email, slide presentations, and websites.

A physician who receives DBS Therapy for Parkinson's shares his experiences
and perspectives.


Integrating DBS into Your Practice


Medtronic provides training to clinicians at all stages of their careers.

Patient Selection

Assess DBS -- available as an app or website -- can help you identify Parkinson's and essential tremor patients who may be appropriate candidates for deep brain stimulation. A free online patient questionnaire supports communication and treatment planning during Parkinson's checkups.

Patient Education Program

Medtronic's Support LinkSM program helps neurology practices educate DBS candidates. Support Link provides Parkinson's patients with information and support that increase therapy understanding, acceptance, and success.

Reimbursement and Practice Management

Medtronic provides physicians at all stages of their careers with insights and services to help them operate their medical practices more strategically and efficiently. The program includes a practice management blog, video pearls, articles, coding tools, and reimbursement support.


Career Tips for Fellows

Dale Moss, healthcare business advisor for Medtronic Neuromodulation, provides career tips to fellows in this video series. Topics include sites of service, employment agreements, interviews, first day on the job, and common reasons for leaving a first job.

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