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Education and Training



Therapy-specific Education and Training

The education and training information found on this page is common to all Medtronic Neuromodulation therapies. To view education and training information and resources specific to a therapy, choose a therapy below:

Continuing Education Courses

Please note that these online courses are offered by a vendor and clicking on the link will take you to another website that will require you to register for access to the course.


To receive CE credit, you will need to complete the course, the exam, and the subsequent program survey. The exam will be available for enrollment upon completion of the course. The survey will be available upon completion of the exam.


Chronic Pain Therapies
Nurses (except IA)



  • Define chronic pain and describe the components of chronic pain treatment.
  • Describe neurostimulation therapy and the benefits and risks of neurostimulation for chronic pain, and supporting clinical evidence.
  • Describe targeted drug delivery therapy and the benefits and risks of drug delivery for chronic pain, and supporting clinical evidence.
  • Describe the role and approach of an Interventional Pain Specialist.

Description: This course covers chronic pain and its impact; evaluation of the chronic pain patient; and patient selection for neurostimulation for chronic pain or targeted drug delivery for chronic pain.


Go to the vendor website to take the Chronic Pain Therapies course

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Education Opportunities

Our training resources include:

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