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SureScan MRI Resources for Clinicians

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SureScan MRI Resources for Clinicians

With Medtronic SureScan MRI Technology, be confident that pain stimulation patients have safe access to an MRI scan anywhere in the body* whenever the need arises.

*Under specific conditions. Refer to labeling for full list of conditions.

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Use the MR Imaging Center locator to find a nearby center that accepts a Medtronic SureScan MRI system.

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Featured Download

Neuromodulation MRI Safety Status

MRI Safety Status Chart

This chart summarizes the MRI compatibility of Medtronic Neuromodulation devices.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems

Prevalence of MRI

See data regarding the frequency of MRI scans among SCS patients

SureScan MRI System

Learn how the SureScan System protects patients from harm

Determining MRI Eligibility

See the simple digital prescreening process

Preparing the Patient

Learn how to prepare your patient for an MRI visit

Activating MRI Mode

Learn how to activate MRI Mode using a programmer

Tools and Resources

Download tools and and MRI guidelines.

Other Medtronic Systems

Find resources for other Medtronic SureScan systems on

Find MRI Guidelines

Find guidelines on

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