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SureScan System

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SureScan Neurostimulators

Medtronic offers the first pain neurostimulation system with SureScan® MRI Technology that is FDA-approved and engineered for patients to safely undergo an MRI scan anywhere in the body.*

  • SureScan Systems provide long-lasting chronic pain treatment with the confidence of knowing that patients can also get optimal diagnostic treatment whenever the need arises
  • SureScan Systems eliminate the need to perform an inconvenient and costly explantation

Components of the SureScan System

The SureScan System includes:

  • RestoreSensor® SureScan MRI model 97714
  • RestoreUltra® SureScan MRI model 97712
  • PrimeAdvanced® SureScan MRI model 97702
  • RestoreAdvanced® SureScan MRI model 97713
  • Vectris™ SureScan MRI leads
  • Injex™ anchors
Vectris SureScan MRI Lead
Vectris SureScan MRI Lead
Injex Bi-WingInjex Bumpy
Injex Anchors

Medtronic pain neurostimulators with model numbers that do not start with “97” are not included in the SureScan System and are not eligible for full-body MRI scans; however, they may be eligible for head-only MRI scans.

SureScan MRI Technology: Protection at the Point of Care

SureScan MRI Technology offers protection against patient injury and device damage.

  • Lead Heating: Unlike a conventional lead, the shielded Vectris lead reduces the risk of thermal tissue damage by dispersing RF energy along the entire length of the lead1
  • Device Damage: Protective technology such as filtered feedthroughs protects the neurostimulator by preventing RF energy from entering the device. This technology shunts RF energy from the lead to the outside of the neurostimulator, protecting internal circuitry from damage2
  • Unintentional Stimulation: Enabling MRI mode with the N’Vision® Clinician Programmer or the MyStim® patient programmer turns off the device and disables neurostimulation1,2
  • Magnetic Pull: Medtronic implantable neurostimulation systems have minimal ferrous material, reducing unwanted movement of the device and leads2

*Under specific conditions and requires SureScan implantable neurostimulator and Vectris® leads. Refer to MRI Guidelines for full list of conditions.

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  2. MRI Standard Letter, Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems, 2011.


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