Gastric Electrical Stimulation

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    Animation of Gastric Electrical Stimulation

    (1:28, 7 MB)

    An overview of gastric electrical stimulation that can be used to educate physicians and patients about the therapy and how it works.


    The Challenge of Gastroparesis – English
    The Challenge of Gastroparesis – Spanish

     This brochure explains the symptoms and causes of gastroparesis, as well as treatment options, including Medtronic gastric electrical stimulation.

    Enterra Therapy: Living With Gastric Electrical Stimulation – English
    Enterra Therapy: Living With Gastric Electrical Stimulation – Spanish

    This guide – for patients who have been diagnosed with gastroparesis and are candidates for Enterra® Therapy – describes gastric electrical stimulation, what the implant procedure is like, precautions necessary after the implant, and other helpful information.




    Medtronic website for people currently receiving Enterra Therapy for GES and those considering it.

    The following non-Medtronic websites provide additional information, educational tools, and support for patients with gastroparesis:

    GPD Foundation


    The Gastroparesis & Dysmotilities Association


    Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatments


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