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Gastric Electrical Stimulation

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  • Enterra II Neurostimulator

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    Enterra II Neurostimulator

    Enterra II Neurostimulator

    for Gastric Electrical Stimulation

    The Enterra® II gastric neurostimulator is a programmable device that generates mild electrical pulses for gastric electrical stimulation. Enterra II offers a variety of technological advancements:

    • The updated software for clinician programming of the device has clear, easily followed steps.
    • Enterra II has no magnetic activation switch, reducing the possibility that electromagnetic interference unintentionally turns off therapy.
    • An indicator alerts the clinician that the battery will soon need to be replaced for continued therapy.
    • For the implant procedure, a new torque wrench ensures a secure connection between the device and leads.

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    For detailed ordering information about the Enterra gastric electrical stimulation system and accessories, please see the ordering information guide.

    Humanitarian Device: The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. Learn more about HDE.

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