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Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders

  • Education and Training
  • Efficacy
  • Products and Procedures
  • Reimbursement and Practice Management
  • Indications, Safety, and Warnings
  • Data and Clinical Outcomes

    Clinical Summary

    DBS Therapy for Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor

    The clinical use of implantable deep brain stimulation systems for Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor is supported by Medtronic clinical studies on DBS therapy for Parkinson's disease, and clinical studies on DBS therapy for tremor.

    The Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor Clinical Summary includes data from:

    • Medtronic Parkinson’s Disease Global Clinical Study
    • Comparison of Best Medical Therapy and Deep Brain Stimulation of Subthalamic Nucleus and Globus Pallidus for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease: Phase I
    • US and European Tremor Trials

    The summary applies to Activa® RC, Activa PC, Activa SC, Kinetra®, and Soletra®.

    DBS Therapy for Dystonia

    The effectiveness of Medtronic DBS Therapy System in treating dystonia has not been demonstrated in controlled clinical trials. The Medtronic DBS Therapy for Dystonia Clinical Summary contains information on documented clinical studies and case reports on dystonia patients that were not sponsored by Medtronic.

    The summary applies to Activa PC, Activa SC, and Soletra.

    DBS Therapy with Medications

    Provides an Additional 5.1 Hours of ''On'' Time1

    Results from a prospective multi-center randomized controlled trial of patients with advanced Parkinson's disease showed that deep brain stimulation therapy with medications provided 5.1 hours of additional “on” time without dyskinesias compared to Best Medical Therapy (medications and nonpharmacological therapy) alone.1 The study also found that medications were reduced 25% on average for patients receiving DBS therapy.

    Therapy with medications provides an additional 5.1 hours of “on” time

    Symptom Improvements

    Medtronic DBS Therapy Was Shown to Maintain Symptom Improvements up to 5 Years2

    Long-term motor score improvement with DBS Therapy

    1. Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor Clinical Summary, 2013
    2. Krack P, Batir A, Van Blercom N, et al. Five-year follow-up of bilateral stimulation of subthalamic nucleus in advanced Parkinson's disease. N Engl J Med. November 2003;349(20):1925-1933.

    United States