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Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders

  • Education and Training
  • Efficacy
  • Products and Procedures
  • Reimbursement and Practice Management
  • Indications, Safety, and Warnings
  • MRI Guidelines

    Applicable Systems:

    Activa® SC Model 37602/37603
    Activa PC Model 37601
    Activa RC Model 37612
    Kinetra® Model 7428
    Soletra® Model 7426
    Itrel® II Model 7424

    Only Medtronic innovation enables MRI head scans to be safely performed on patients implanted with DBS systems under specific conditions of use. It is generally possible to safely perform an MRI head scan on a Medtronic DBS patient. CT scan and X-ray are also approved.


    Implantation of a Medtronic DBS System is contraindicated for patients who will be exposed to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using a full body radio-frequency (RF) coil, a receive-only head coil, or a head transmit coil that extends over the chest area. Performing MRI with this equipment can cause tissue lesions from component heating, especially at the lead electrodes, resulting in serious and permanent injury including coma, paralysis, or death.

    For comprehensive safety information and instructions, refer to:

    pdf iconMRI Guidelines for Deep Brain Stimulation Systems

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