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    Medical Device Correction – February 2014

    Impact of Cycling Feature on Longevity and Recharge Interval

    This notification is associated with corrections to labeling related to the cycling feature in some neurostimulation devices used for deep brain stimulation and spinal cord stimulation.

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    Deep Brain Stimulation Updated Calculations & Graphs

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    Advisory Archive


    09/2013 Loss of Stimulation and Over Stimulation

    Activa® PC, Activa® RC and Activa® SC deep brain stimulators
    Models 37601, 37602, 37603, 37612

    RestoreUltra® and RestoreSensor® spinal cord stimulators
    Models 37712, 37714

    02/2013 Potential Lead Damage Associated with the DBS Lead Cap DBS Lead Kits:
    Models 3387, 3387S, 3389, 3389S, 3391, 3391S

    Dystonia Kits:
    Models 3317, 3319, 3337, 3339


    10/2007 Recall: Kinetra and Soletra Implanted Neurostimulators

    Kinetra Neurostimulator Model 7428
    Soletra Neurostimulator Model 7426


    05/2001 Diathermy Safety Alert

    Deep Brain Stimulation Neurostimulation Systems

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