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Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders

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    Features and Specifications


    Procedure solutions for deep brain stimulation include:

    • Nexframe® stereotactic image guided system
    • Nexdrive® micropositioner with adjustable Z-stage
    • Stimloc lead anchoring device for lead stability

    Nexframe Stereotactic Image Guided System

    Nexframe stereotactic image guided system gives you the capacity for operating room efficiency and reduce procedure time, yet maintain the accuracy of traditional stereotaxy.1-2 At the same time, your patients can enjoy greater comfort and freedom of movement during implant procedures. Nexframe offers:

    • Stereotactic precision with the advantages of image-guided surgery
    • Noninvasive patient headrest
    • Various draping options for better visibility
    • Optional offsets to allow stereotactic positioning grid of parallel trajectories at 1-mm increments
    • Can help in patient acceptance of the procedure

    Nexdrive Micropositioner

    Nexdrive micropositioner is a sterile, all-in-one microdrive for deep brain stimulation lead implantation and microelectrode recording. It has a simplified interface for microelectrode recording and is easily calibrated. The stable, lightweight, and integrated design provides turnkey functionality with the Nexframe system.

    • Single-unit recording capable
    • Minimal tissue effect, advancing only electrode
    • Simplified X-Y staging, for easier parallel-track access
    • Integrated lead calibration eliminates Z-depth manual calculations and the need for extra rulers
    • Fixed cannula maintains trajectory during lead implantation

    Stimloc Anchoring Device

    Stimloc lead anchoring device and burr hole cover provide a complete solution for easy and accurate deep brain stimulation lead stabilization. Stimloc assures secure lead positioning after implant, while its low profile enhances patient comfort and safety. Stimloc offers:

    • Easy repositioning of lead
    • Enables access for lead revisions
    • Proprietary support clip mechanism
    1. Henderson JM, Holloway Kl, Gaede SE, Rosenow JM: The application accuracy of a skull-mounted trajectory guide system for image-guided functional neurosurgery. Comput Aided Surg. 2004;9(4):155-60.
    2. Holloway Kl, Gaede SE, Starr PA, Rosenow JM, Ramakrishnan V, Henderson JM. Frameless stereotaxy using bone fiducial markers for deep brain stimulation. J Neurosurg. September 2005;103(3):404-413.

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