Spinal Cord Stimulation

  • Education and Training
  • Efficacy
  • Products and Procedures
  • Reimbursement and Practice Management
  • Indications, Safety, and Warnings
  • MRI Guidelines

    Applicable Systems:

    RestoreSensor® SureScan® MRI Model 97714
    RestoreSensor® Model 37714
    RestoreUltra® SureScan® MRI Model 97712
    RestoreUltra® Model 37712
    RestoreAdvanced® SureScan® MRI Model 97702
    RestoreAdvanced® Model 37713
    Restore® Model 37711
    RestorePrime® Model 37701
    PrimeAdvanced® SureScan® MRI Model 97713
    PrimeAdvanced® Model 37702
    SynergyPlus® Model 7479
    SynergyCompact® Model 7479B
    Synergy® Model 7427
    Synergy Versitrel® Model 7427V
    Itrel® 3 Model 7425

    For comprehensive safety information and instructions, refer to:

    MRI Guidelines for Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems

    View Medtronic MRI SureScan resources for clinicians

    View Medtronic MRI SureScan resources for radiology

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