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Spinal Cord Stimulation

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  • MyStim Patient Programmer

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    Features and Specifications


    The MyStim® patient programmer model 97740 is a hand-held device that increases a patient's ability to manage his or her own therapy, within clinician-set parameters, while receiving spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain.

    As patient activities vary throughout the day, the MyStim patient programmer allows patients to:

    • Turn their neurostimulator on and off
    • Adjust the spinal cord stimulation level
    • Switch from one group to another
    • Adjust the amplitude, pulse width, or rate for each program in the active group
    • Identify and manage groups by labeling them with easy-to-understand icons or text options

    The patient programmer empowers patients to steer their electrode array and helps patients keep therapy on target if pain patterns change.

    MRI Eligibility

    MyStim simplifies the identification of implanted system components and MRI-scan eligibility. Either the N'Vision® clinician programmer or the MyStim patient programmer (model 97740) can be used to access MRI information programmed in the implanted neurostimulator.

    Learn more about determining MRI eligibility

    MRI Mode

    Before the patient can safely undergo an MRI scan, the neurostimulation system must be placed into MRI mode. Either the N'Vision clinician programmer or the MyStim patient programmer can be used to activate MRI mode.

    View instructions for activating MRI mode with MyStim


    Item Specification
    Power Source 2 AAA alkaline batteries
    (non-rechargeable, LR03)
    Size 9.4 x 5.6 x 2.8 cm
    (3.7 x 2.2 x 1.1 in)
    Weight, Including Batteries 111 g (3.9 oz)
    Battery Life 2 months (average) for alkaline batteries
    Mode of Operation Continuous

    Values are approximate.


    The easy-to-use MyStim® patient programmer for spinal cord stimulation offers:

    • Multiple programs to increase patient control
    • Smaller size (140 cm3) to allow for more discrete therapy management
    • Neurostimulator on/off controls
    • Audible feedback during programming
    • Backlit LCD display with large bold characters
    • Amplitude value, neurostimulator status, and program number displays
    • Automatic telemetry retries
    • Graphic interface for a better user experience
    • Optional external antenna
    • Hand-held convenience
    • Easy switch from one group to another
    • Adjustment of amplitude, pulse width, or rate for each program in the active group
    • Easy-to-understand icons or text options to identify and manage groups using labels

    Patients can only adjust amplitudes within the ranges specified by their physician. If only simple operation is desired, the MyStim patient programmer can be used with just 1 spinal cord stimulation program.

    Patient Programmer Software for Targeted Therapy

    TargetMyStim® programming software for the MyStim patient programmer helps patients to keep stimulation on target even when their pain patterns change. The patient software offers features to help quickly shape and steer stimulation to find the optimal pain target:

    • TargetMyStim empowers patients to steer their electrode array up and down within physician-set parameters
    • ProgramMyStim® allows patients to quickly review stimulation parameter settings for all programs in a group
    • GroupAdjust® makes it easier for patients to find relief on their own by quickly adjusting all program amplitudes in a group simultaneously

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