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Sacral Neuromodulation

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  • Peer Presentation Resources

    The media provided in this section are designed to help educate healthcare professionals about Sacral Neuromodulation, delivered by the InterStim® System. For media designed to educate patients, see Pre-implant Patient Education Resources.


    Educational videos for peer presentations about sacral neuromodulation are also available through YouTube. Select "share" for a video link to place in your presentation slide.

    Access videos for healthcare professionals on YouTube

    This video demonstrates an implant technique for Sacral Neuromodulation.

    Watch Dr. Steven Siegel demonstrate his technique for implanting the Medtronic InterStim System for sacral neuromodulation, for the treatment of refractory OAB, non-obstructive urinary retention, or chronic fecal incontinence. He shows how to place the lead so it's likely to follow the nerve and engage 4 electrodes at lower voltage.

    Sacral Neuromodulation for Bladder Control: Mechanism of Action*

    (30 MB)

    Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation helps normalize neural activity between the bladder and the brain, enabling patients to experience improved urinary function. This video describes the theorized mechanism of action of the therapy.

    Sacral Neuromodulation for Bowel Control: Mechanism of Action*

    (52 MB)

    The animations on this video demonstrate how nerve pathways affect bowel control and evacuation, and they show the theorized mechanism of action of Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation for Bowel Control.

    Peripheral Nerve Evaluation: Stacking Cases

    (35 MB)

    Hear Dr. Thomas Chun and Dr. Brian Raybon describe how to combine or stack peripheral nerve evaluation (PNE) cases into one dedicated procedure day as a way to make patient flow more efficient.

    * The animation presents the leading theory of the therapy’s mechanism of action based upon an extensive review of the scientific literature. Although other theories may exist, the efficacy of the Medtronic InterStim System in the treatment of approved indications has been proven in clinical studies.

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