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Sacral Neuromodulation

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  • Indications, Safety, and Warnings
  • InterStim II Neurostimulator

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    Manuals and Technical Resources

    Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation System Information for Prescribers

    This document includes information about contraindications, adverse events, component disposal, and other information regarding Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation, delivered by the InterStim® System.

    Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation Indications Insert

    This document provides information about indications, warnings, and precautions regarding Sacral Neuromodulation for Bladder Control and Bowel Control, delivered by the InterStim System.

    Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation Clinical Summary

    This document summarizes the clinical outcomes of Sacral Neuromodulation, delivered by the InterStim System, and includes information about the Medtronic-sponsored clinical trials.

    System Overview and Compatibility Insert

    This document includes system and compatibility information about the InterStim and InterStim II systems.

    InterStim and InterStim II Therapy Implant Manual

    These are the instructions for using the InterStim II model 3058 and InterStim model 3023 neurostimulator systems.

    N'Vision Clinician Programmer Model 8840 and Application Card Model 8870 Programming Guide

    This programming guide provides instructions on how to use the N'Vision Clinician Programmer model 8840 with the corresponding InterStim application card model 8870 to program, adjust, and troubleshoot the InterStim model 3023 and InterStim model 3058 neurostimulator system.

    MRI Guidelines for InterStim Neurostimulation Systems

    This manual provides comprehensive safety information and instructions for MRI head scans with patients implanted with InterStim systems.

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