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Reimbursement and Practice Management

Who’s First?

BakkenAs founder Earl Bakken wrote in Reflections on Leadership, published on the 40th anniversary of Medtronic’s inception in 1989, “Nothing is more important to Medtronic – and therefore, to its leadership – than the customer.”

For Medtronic, physicians come first. Bakken continues, “This company was founded, after all, on responsiveness to its physician customers. It has grown and prospered because it has responded not only to what those customers need, but also to what they want. It will continue to grow and prosper, I believe, as long as it listens and responds.”

Who’s first for the medical practices around the globe? Of course, patients come first.

Practicing “patient first” will help assure every patient gets the best service possible – especially when led by your example. Providing extended hours to accommodate patients who might work the night shift at a local hospital or manufacturing plant demonstrates your group’s “active listening” ability.

For tips on keeping patients first, read the article “Patient-Focused Service: Every Day.”

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