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Reimbursement and Practice Management

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  • Telemedicine: An Opportunity to Expand Your Practice

    Over the past decade, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has expanded the list of services payable via telemedicine. During that same time, however, the number of medical practices offering telemedicine has remained quite small. This is an area of opportunity for your practice that comes without the need for extensive space or staff, making it quite profitable. Read full article
  • Patient Access: Physician Delays

    Unexpected physician delays or emergencies do arise. They should truly be the exception and not the rule. When scheduled patients cannot be seen at the scheduled time, there are good and bad ways to deliver the news.

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  • Patient Access: The Efficient Office

    Consider paying a little more. Medical assistants and receptionists, especially, tend to be low-paid. That may be in line with industry benchmarks, but you shouldn't wonder why someone making $9.00 an hour isn't exactly wild to go the extra mile. Assess the salary levels in your community; there are several Websites that host position-based income data that can be accessed for free.

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  • Performance Improvement in the Business Office

    Medical billing is complex. And with patients bearing more financial responsibility these days, there is increasing importance for the practice to get billing right the first time. Improving performance in the billing office is essential.

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  • Provider Supply and Patient Demand

    Before deciding whether to add another physician or advanced practice provider, determine how good or bad your patient access is and determine how productive all the providers in the group are.

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