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Reimbursement and Practice Management

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  • Business Cards for Specialty Medical Practice Staff
    Business Cards for Specialty Medical Practice Staff

    Issuing business cards to all staff members at your specialty medical practice may be an opportunity to pull the group together. Medtronic Practice Advantage advisor Dale Moss shares the value of issuing cards to those who earn it by demonstrating two things.

  • Morale — Twelve Steps to Success

    Excellent managers and medical group leaders realize that it takes an active, engaged and motivated workforce to achieve desired financial targets, as well as engender patient and referring physician loyalty. Read full article
  • Looking Good – Employee Attire

    Patient perceptions are defined by many factors in addition to medical expertise and “bedside manner.” The appearance, behavior, and courtesy of the entire staff make lasting impressions on patients as well. Read full article
  • Bent Out of Shape
    Featured Video: Bent Out of Shape

    While lean staffing in a medical practice may help the bottom line, staff members can get bent out of shape. More flexibility in staffing may be wise. Medtronic Practice Advantage advisor Dale Moss shares flexible staffing ideas for you to consider.

  • Don’t Let Employee Absenteeism Make Your Practice Sick

    Absenteeism may be affecting your clinic’s ability to provide the best patient care. While sick days are to be expected, frequent unscheduled absenteeism wrecks an efficient operation, not to mention morale. Read full article

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