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Reimbursement and Practice Management

Information Systems

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  • Patient Portals

    Whether you’re interested in attesting to the patient engagement criteria for Meaningful Use – or simply preparing for the future – a patient portal is a technology platform that could meet your needs.

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  • Great Gadgets for Medical Groups

    Specialists have unique needs for technologies that help automate many common functions. Regardless of the integration with current information systems, physicians around the country are taking advantage of the benefit that technology gadgets can offer. Read full article
  • Cybersecure? Be Sure

    You probably know someone who's been a victim of personal identity theft, or perhaps experienced it yourself. You understand the impact of that data breach: The money that often can't be recovered; the hours, weeks and months spent explaining to authorities, negotiating with creditors and trying to restore creditworthiness. Now think about your medical practice. Could it be vulnerable to the same kind of attack? If your valuable patient or practice data fell into the wrong hands, how would your practice be affected?

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