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DBS MRI Resources for Clinicians

MRI Safety and Activa Technology

Learn how the technology of MR Conditional Medtronic Activa® systems protects the patient and device from harm during an MRI scan.*

Potential Risks of MRI Unsafe Devices

An MRI scan uses three fields that, alone or in combination, may damage an implanted medical device and harm the patient. For example:

  • The static magnetic field generated by the superconducting magnet may pull or rotate an implanted medical device.
  • The radiofrequency magnetic field may heat tissue or damage the device.
  • The gradient magnetic field may cause unintended stimulation or damage an implanted device.

Systems Designed for MRI Safety

The design of Activa systems supports MRI safety.*

MRI Activa Technology Image

  1. Filtered feedthrough technology: prevents RF energy from entering and damaging the device.
  2. Minimal ferrous material: reduces potential for unwanted device and lead movement caused by magnetic pull.
  3. Protective diodes: help prevent device failure when exposed to electromagnetic interference.

Tested. Demonstrated. Safe.

To demonstrate the MRI safety* of our full-body MR conditional DBS systems, we performed rigorous testing:

  • 14 years of MRI research and testing history
  • 10 million simulated patient scans performed using 38,800 scan conditions including patient size, patient position within the MRI machine, landmark location, deep brain target location, pulse generator location, and lead path

Our modeling, validation, and testing supports patient safety.

*Medtronic DBS systems are MR Conditional and are safe for MRI scans under certain conditions. Refer to MRI Important Safety Information for a complete list of conditions and instructions for use.

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