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Spinal Cord Stimulators

Determining MRI Eligibility

There are two ways to determine MRI eligibility for an SCS-implanted patient:

  • N'Vision clinician programmer  or

  • MyStim patient programmer (model 97740 or later)


MRI SureScan MyStim MRI Mode
MyStim Patient Programmer

Using MyStim to Access MRI Information

  1. Hold the MyStim programmer over the neurostimulator and press the Sync key
  2. Press the up arrow on the Navigator key to move the selection box to the Status (top) row
  3. Press the left arrow on the Navigator key to move the selection box to the MRI Mode Activation screen
  4. Hold the MyStim Programmer over the neurostimulator and press the Sync key. (When MRI mode is activated, stimulation is turned off.)
  5. MRI Scan Eligibility screen is displayed.
    • Full Body Eligible
    • Head Scan Eligible with Transmit/Receive Head Coil
    • Eligibility Cannot Be Determined

If you are simply determining eligibility and not preparing your patient for a scheduled MRI scan, deactivate MRI Mode by pressing the Neurostimulator On key.

Note: The eligibility screen is displayed on the MyStim programmer screen for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, MRI Mode will still be active, but the MRI Scan Eligibility screen will only be viewable if the same steps that initially activated MRI Mode are followed again.

MyStim MRI Scan Eligibility Screens

MRI Full Body Eligibility Icon
Symbols Indicating Full-Body Scan Eligibility

Symbols mean that based on the information programmed in the device, this patient has:

  • A SureScan INS implanted in a tested location
  • SureScan leads with lead tips in tested locations
  • No extensions or abandoned leads

System is eligible for a scan anywhere in the body under the conditions listed in labeling.

MRI Head Eligibility Icon
Symbols Indicating Head Scan Eligibility

Symbols mean:

  • Medtronic neurostimulation system
  • Leads are not in the head or neck (i.e., not within the RF head coil)
  • No abandoned leads

System is eligible for a head scan under the conditions listed in labeling.

MRI Eligibility Icon
Symbols Indicating MRI Eligibility Cannot Be Determined

Symbols mean that based on the information programmed into the device, the system’s MRI eligibility cannot be determined. Review the labeling or contact Medtronic to discuss the MRI safety based on the patient’s system configuration.

Using X-Rays for Product Identification

SureScan MRI neurostimulators contain an “NMA” radiopaque identifier in the header block should X-ray be required for identification purposes; a braid identifies SureScan leads. Refer to MRI Guidelines to determine eligibility.


Radiopaque Identifier in Header Block of SureScan MRI Compatible Neurostimulator

MRI Patient Eligibility Form

Once you have determined the MRI eligibility of the patient’s stimulation system, use the MRI Patient Eligibility Form to record your findings and inform the radiologist of the patient’s scan eligibility. This form reduces uncertainty at the radiology center and the possibility of the patient being unnecessarily denied an MRI scan.

MRI Patient Eligibility Form MRI Patient Eligibility Form

Approved for a Majority of MRI Machines

Medtronic pain neurostimulation systems have been tested and are approved for use with 1.5T MRI scanners – the most common field strength. Therefore, SureScan pain neurostimulation systems are compatible with the majority of installed MRI machines.


MRI Installed Base US
US MR installed base 20131


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