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Spinal Cord Stimulators

Preparing the Patient

Help patients understand how to prepare for their MRI scans. Instruct the patient to bring the following materials. This will help reduce uncertainty at the radiology center, and the possibility of the patient being unnecessarily denied an MRI:

  • The completed MRI Patient Eligibility Form: Confirms the patient’s scan eligibility
  • MyStim patient programmer: Activates MRI mode, identifies MRI eligibility, and turns the neurostimulator on or off.
  • Medtronic patient ID card: Indentifies implanted components

Confirm Patient Familiarity with Patient Programmer

Confirm the patient knows how to use the patient programmer to activate MRI Mode and turn the neurostimulator on or off. Instructions are provided in the Patient Checklist: Before Your MRI.

Confirm MRI Center Capability

If your pain stimulation patient is eligible only for a head MRI scan, confirm the MRI Center has the necessary transmit/receive head coil equipment.

Guide Patients Through the Process

Give this booklet to your patients to guide them on through the process of getting an MRI scan

Patient Checklist: Before Your MRI Patient Checklist: Before Your MRI

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