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Spinal Cord Stimulators

Tools and Resources

MRI Guidelines for Medtronic Neurostimulation Systems for Chronic Pain - Instructions for Use

This manual includes warnings, precautions, and patient eligibility information associated with the use of MRI scans in patients with an implanted spinal cord stimulation system.

MRI Safety Status Chart MRI Guidelines

MRI Safety Status Chart

This chart summarizes the MRI compatibility of Medtronic Neuromodulation devices.

MRI Safety Status Chart MRI Safety Status Chart

MRI Patient Eligibility Form

Use this form to alert radiology staff about MRI eligibility for your implanted patient. This form reduces uncertainty at the radiology center and the possibility of the patient being unnecessarily denied an MRI scan.

MRI Patient Eligibility Form English

Patient Checklist: Before Your MRI

Give this booklet to patients who need instructions for activating MRI Mode or turning off stimulation with their MyStim patient programmer.

MRI Patient Eligibility Form English

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