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Reimbursement and Practice Management

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  • Patient Access from the Perspective of Supply and Demand

    Ideally the limiting factor for patient access should be the provider – and only the provider.

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  • Problem Solving with Six Thinking Hats

    Within your staff are six different thinking styles. While these distinct styles contribute to creative solutions, they also invite chaos.
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  • Influencers

    Today it is common to hear the term influencer in terms of social media marketing.

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  • Can a Medical Practice Be Too Lean?

    When medical groups use lean initiatives to optimize resources and improve the patient experience, they sometimes take those initiatives a little too far.
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  • Napkin Planning for Medical Businesses

    Following the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” one way to birth a great idea for your clinic is to draw an image of it.
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  • The Patient Compliance Alliance

    Patient compliance with treatment guidelines requires a strong alliance between the patient and the care team.
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  • When Referral Networking Works

    It might take a little work to get out of the office; yet networking can bring long-term benefits if done with a sincere desire to help get the right patients to the right provider for the right therapy at the right time.
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  • Simple Quick & Easy

    We live in a culture where we like things “simple, quick & easy” — recipes, hairstyles, tax services, car maintenance and clinic visits. Are there “simple, quick & easy” patient outcome measures for a busy specialty clinic?
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  • Positive Habits at the Clinic

    What’s one thing, one simple thing, which you might want everyone at the clinic to change?
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  • Greatness

    What makes your clinic great? What makes your clinic and business staffs “the best” for your specialty in your market? What makes you great?
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  • Looking Out

    I'd like to suggest some intentional "looking out" as a way to improve your practice. As we look outward, let's think beyond healthcare industry. Gathering best practices from other service industries might provide an unexpected benefit for your patients.
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  • Go with the Flow – Ride with the Tide

    Probable Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) repeal with a legislated temporary fix in payment rates, Medicare Fee Schedule adjustments, and the shift towards value-based criteria for payment – collectively they represent a big wave of payment change.

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  • New Glasses

    In second grade I was called to Mrs. Hamman’s desk. She suspected I needed glasses. I wasn’t so sure.
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  • Attitude of Gratitude in a Medical Practice

    Thanksgiving is a great reminder to be grateful. However, our gratitude can and should extend beyond late November.
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  • Huddle Up!

    The hallway huddle has been a part of successful practices over the years. So what’s the formula for a hallway huddle?
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  • Meaningful Minutes

    The adage, “People don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care,” (Theodore Roosevelt) rings true for clinicians. Most clinicians have an opportunity to show they care dozens of times each day.
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  • Take Ten

    In this media-laden world of constant busy-ness, it’s more important than ever to “take 10.” In a busy medical clinic setting getting a few minutes to collect ourselves is almost unheard of. Yet those 10 minutes can be vital to an engaged and optimized team member.
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  • ACO Opportunities and Challenges

    Specialists will be essential to the primary care, hospital-based care, ancillary services and home care that the PCP coordinates in the patient-centric ACO model. So what are some of the opportunities and challenges?
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  • ACO HMO 2.0 Here We Go

    The advent of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) as part of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has the attention of specialty groups as well as primary care providers (PCPs).
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  • Dedicated

    Clinician care coordinators at a recent conference for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders were asked: “How many of you are dedicated to DBS in your movement disorder clinic?”

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  • "Sir Blog-A-Lot" I am Not

    I’ve learned a few things since I began writing my Practice Advantage blog posts several months ago. These tips may be helpful as you consider blogging to patients as a way to manage your "webutation".

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  • Positively Memorable

    Patients have many choices for health care. What is the key factor that influences whether or not a patient continues to choose you and your practice? A positive patient experience. Without positive patient experiences your brand loses its power, and patient loyalty diminishes.

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  • What’s Your Brand?

    In healthcare delivery, patient loyalty is critical for business success. So how do you increase patient loyalty to your brand? For starters, whether you are a solo practice or part of a large health system, make sure your brand is consistent.
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  • Who’s First?

    As founder Earl Bakken wrote in Reflections on Leadership, published on the 40th anniversary of Medtronic’s inception in 1989, “Nothing is more important to Medtronic – and therefore, to its leadership – than the customer.”
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  • Doc Talk

    How do clinic and administrative staff like to receive information about what’s going on in the medical group? Physician and patient surveys indicate they like to hear it straight from the source – from the doctor – and it’s best via WOM (word-of-mouth). “Doc talk” is contagious. Positive, pertinent communication spreads among staff quickly. What “doc talk” is in the “like” category for front, clinical, and back office staff?

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  • The Best Angle

    In the busy-ness of delivering great care to patients while assuring effective business and clinical operations, difficult decisions need to be made. Sometimes we make decisions based on a single perspective in order to be nimble. However, it is often worthwhile to get multiple perspectives before finalizing the decision.

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  • What's Right!

    The renowned National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones reminds us to "celebrate what’s right" in our daily living. He looks at each opportunity to shoot a photograph as a way to see "what’s right" in the world. In the world of clinical care, we can define "what’s right" as getting the right patient to the right doctor for the right therapy at the right time.

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  • Politics at Their Best

    “Things turn out the best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.”

    We are in the midst of larger than life political banter again this presidential election year   with full-blown media coverage at every turn. What is the best we might expect of the current political discussions and posturing?

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  • In it for the "Long Run" – Changing with the Times

    You may know I am a runner – have been for years. I’ve logged enough miles to run from Minneapolis to Seattle and back 28 times – I’m in it for the long run. Medical groups are “in it for the long run,” too. Clinicians are focused on being able to care for patients in the next few weeks – and for years to come.

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  • Fish Story

    This is a fish story that's mostly true - really! - and its lessons can apply to the new face of healthcare delivery in America. Picture the boy, about 10, a towheaded blonde, skinny and just a bit active. It's summertime in the 60's in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The "ride" is a big red Hawthorne bike, with the dual cross bar and about 2" too big (important later on in the story). The bike was too big because he'd "grow into it" ("too big" like every pair of shoes he'd ever owned until he was a teenager).

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