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Reimbursement and Practice Management


Are you an influencer for your specialty clinic?

Today it is common to hear the term influencer in terms of social media marketing. According to "The Rise of Digital Influence," a report by Altimeter Group Principal Analyst Brian Solis, there are Three Pillars that make up the foundation for digital influence. In my mind, these pillars work well even if you want to influence desirable effects and outcomes more broadly, within your specialty practice.

  • Reach:  The ability to reach a specific audience that is valuable to your brand
  • Relevance:  The creation of content that is relevant to your brand or relevant to a topic that's important to you
  • Resonance:  The proliferation or engagement with relevant content by an audience that is valuable to your brand

Now, let's apply these pillars to your specialty clinic by using patient compliance as a case in point. 

  • Who are you intending to reach?  It may be your new patients, established patients, or future patients.
  • What is the relevance? Review existing policies defining the expected behavior for patients and how those policies are communicated.
  • How will the content resonate with your intended audience? Patients need to know why compliance is important. Expectations about now-show, lateness for appointments, inability or refusal to pay, abusive or violent behaviors other areas of non-compliance should be clearly communicated with a patient's acknowledgement of the potential consequences. Use your website, the initial visit and follow-up encounters for communicating clear expectations regarding adherence to treatment guidelines.

The role of the influencer is most needed when patients do not comply with the expectations that have been communicated. Your resolute action and support of the policies and clinic/business staff can lead to a more effective and efficient clinic.


 "People listen to what you do before they listen to what you say." – Anonymous


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