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Reimbursement and Practice Management

New Glasses

Dale's New Glasses

In second grade I was called to Mrs. Hamman’s desk. She suspected I needed glasses. I wasn’t so sure. I assumed everyone had the same vision that I did, that everyone saw the “blurry horizon.” Once I got my new glasses, the writing on the chalkboard was so much clearer. Mrs. Hamman was right.

In a medical clinic, it might appear as though the day-to-day business and clinic operations are on the right track. Looking at the group’s performance from another perspective can be a great way for a medical group to confirm the group is performing at its best - or identify areas that need improvement.

Some “clear-vision” tools include:

  • Medical Mystery Shopping (on-site, phone, a combination of these)
  • Self-assessment by the whole team (360-degree, blue sky days, standardized SA tool)
  • Practice Management Expert Assessment (consulting firms, private consultants...)
  • Medical Practice Checklists (PAHCOM, MGMA, ACHE...)
  • Site Visits (better performers and best practice visits out-of-market)

Over the years there have been changes to my prescription. To ensure clear vision, the combination of routine exams and monitoring symptoms has worked well. Yet, small incremental changes can occur – and go unnoticed until the next scheduled exam.

Is it time to go in and check to see if you need “new glasses” for your medical clinic?

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