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Reimbursement and Practice Management

Doc Talk

How do clinic and administrative staff like to receive information about what’s going on in the medical group? Physician and patient surveys indicate they like to hear it straight from the source – from the doctor – and it’s best via WOM (word-of-mouth). “Doc talk” is contagious. Positive, pertinent communication spreads among staff quickly.

What “doc talk” is in the “like” category for front, clinical, and back office staff?

  • Sharing the big picture – what does a change at the hospital potentially mean for the clinic?
  • Appreciating the day-to-day successes in the clinic, with specific accolades for a job well done
  • Engaging for a brief minute or two regarding what might be expected today or tomorrow – that “hallway huddle”
  • Updating the staff as the schedule needs to change with the rationale – the “why”
  • Thanking staff for their part in making it right for the patients
  • Communicating genuine care and concern for the people of the practice
  • Delivering messages with some levity and positive energy on the ordinary as well as tough clinic days
  • Being clear about what needs to be done – setting clear expectations
  • Identifying viable contingencies – providing the direction needed to make the patient experience the best it can be in any circumstance

It’s a new year. Following through on a resolution to provide positive “doc talk” would certainly be appreciated and might even inspire a little extra effort from the staff when it’s needed most.

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