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Reimbursement and Practice Management

Take Ten

In this media-laden world of constant busy-ness, it’s more important than ever to “take 10.”

Verb 1. take ten - take a ten-minute break

In a busy medical clinic setting getting a few minutes to collect ourselves is almost unheard of. Yet those 10 minutes can be vital to an engaged and optimized team member – whether it’s front desk, medical assistant, nurse, or back office staff.

Giving permission to employees to take 10 minutes each day to think or reflect is worth consideration. The “take 10” pause should be free of text, e-mail or phone – a media fast each day. The “think time” should be discretionary, giving employees the autonomy to choose when to take their break during the workday.

You can ask the employees to use the “take 10” to pause and relax, to encourage thinking about making the clinic a better workplace, or to appreciate “what’s right” in the workplace.

Once a month “take 2” to ask employees for their feedback and ideas that may have come from the “take 10” pause. What ideas have they come up with that you might be able to implement? The ideas may add to more efficiency, workflow improvements, or cost savings.

My prior experience shows the investment of “take 10” can have a real ROI. The time might break down to $2.66 for each “take 10” – $13.33 per week – $613.33 per year. In return, ideas from employees contributed to the overall fiscal fitness of the medical practice – and in several cases the outcome exceeded the expense of the 10-minute pause. Also of value are improvements in morale and engagement.

So think about “giving 10” – and what about a “take 10” for yourself?

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