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Reimbursement and Practice Management



Clinician care coordinators at a recent conference for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders were asked: “How many of you are dedicated to DBS in your movement disorder clinic?” Self-evident by their attendance, they were all dedicated and passionate about their care coordination roles. The real question was, “What portion of your time is dedicated to only working with the DBS component of your movement disorder program?”

Here are their answers:

Movement Disorder DBS Coordinator Dedicated Time Attendee %
100% DBS Care Coordinator 19
80% DBS Care Coordinator 19
50% DBS Care Coordinator 31
20% or less DBS Care Coordinator 31

This led to another question: “How much dedicated time do your colleagues in referring practices have for movement disorder patients – let alone DBS patients?” Typically it is less than 5%.

This points out the significant opportunity for DBS care coordinators to reach out to referring practitioners with an offer: We can and want to help you help your patients!

Another opportunity is to help referring practitioners overcome the challenge of communicating with patients and care givers across many miles. Many DBS movement disorder centers have patients traveling from referring practices up to 250 miles away.

Hat’s off to the dedication by dedicated specialists and care coordinators that really make a difference for patients – both directly and through strong community clinical liaisons.

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